For this model I prefer cherry wood to get a paddle that is as light as possible at the end. The other characteristics also have an effect on the low weight. A narrow, thin (and therefore quite soft) blade with sharp edges and the special shaft, which starts round and becomes wider and thinner towards the handle. The handle is hemispherical and lies very comfortably in the hand.

At the beginning of the last century, the Canadian Omer Stringer thought about a paddle technique that allowed him to move even tall Canadians without much effort. He sat down in the middle of the boat, angled it and thus made optimal use of the pivot point. With little corrections and little effort he was able to make the boat circle in the smallest of spaces and with a relatively narrow and short paddle. He is regarded as the founder of the canoe ballet in "Canadian Style", also named "Omering" after him. The September model is a good choice for this elegant form of paddling.

Blade length 65 cm
Blade width 12 cm
Weight 500 g