The choice of paddle shapes offered here is the result of our own experience and is based on traditional models. Each of my paddles is made from a carefully selected piece of hardwood and thus guarantees the necessary durability and elasticity. In careful handcraft balanced and light paddles are created. I use native ash or maple and, depending on availability, European or American cherry. Individual wishes regarding the design or the choice of wood are possible in principle.

The finished paddle is treated several times with linseed oil. The result is a durable deep protection and a waterproof surface. Depending on use, wear and tear can occur here. This can be remedied by applying linseed oil varnish several times a year. Sanding is not necessary, but can be done for cosmetic reasons.

When determining the suitable paddle length, the length of the shaft is important and not the overall length. The shaft length (handle included) should be approximately the distance from crotch to nose.