Prospector 16'

After the Chestnut Canoe Company in Canada developed the Prospector, it became the most widely used canoe for decades to come. Whether fur hunters, surveyors, traders or prospectors - they all appreciated this reliable vehicle in the rough areas of North America and Canada due to its relatively low weight, optimal size and high load capacity.

In the early eighties, the well-known Canadian author, filmmaker and paddler Bill Mason sent drawings of his Chestnut Prospector to a Swedish folk high school at their request. In the meantime, there is a considerable fleet of canvas-covered Canadians there, which have more than proven themselves under rather rough conditions. 20 years later was my time at this adult education centre. After one year of training, I returned and built my first mould after this measurement.

The Prospector model is the classic among touring canoes, perfectly suited for two people with a large payload. Due to the low initial stability, inexperienced paddlers might be a bit irritated at the beginning, but experience shows that safety and pleasure comes quite quickly. Due to the keel jump, the round bottom and the strongly inward pulled tip, this canoe is very popular for solo paddling in the classic Canadian style, as it is incredibly agile when canted and has a high final stability.


488 cm long
90 cm wide
35 cm deep
Weight approx. 34 kg

Prospector 16'