Your own paddle in 2 days

Paddle building courses

The result of this weekend course should not only be a finished paddle. When a paddle is handmade, the process is always an experience, especially because not only the hand is working. Also a good eye and the right feeling are very important. When a positive tension changes into concentration and you finally satisfy the finished paddle in your hands, then you have really worked for it. I am a companion during the processes and help with my experience to create a beautiful and individual hardwood paddle.

There are different ways to work out the paddle from the raw hardwood plank. Different tools are available. Ash and cherry wood are my preferred materials. I can also extend these types if desired, but this would have to be clarified in advance. The working time is 8 hours on two days. The material price for a piece of ash is 20 €, cherry costs 35 €. The material is not included in the course fee.

In principle it is also possible to build Greenland paddles from one piece of pine or spruce.

At least 4 people must register for this course.

Paddle building courses