Functionality and beauty


20 years ago, I founded a manufacture for canvas-covered wooden canoes in Potsdam-Babelsberg under the name HolzStoff.
Better known as Wood and Canvas Canoes, the history of these canoes began in the late 19th century in the areas around the Great Lakes in the eastern USA and Canada. As a direct successor of the Indian birch-bark canoes, they combine two essential characteristics - practicality and beauty.

Minä Perhonen is the label of the famous Japanese fashion designer Akira Minagawa. In summer 2016 opened in the center of Tokyo his new store "Call". In addition to clothes and textiles, the store offers a fine selection of exclusive unique pieces by famous designers or craftsmen. A Holzstoff canoe, model Lovis 15,5', found a prominent place in the new shop.

„Our first criterion for selecting items is whether we can empathize with the work involved behind them. In addition to the surface appearance, we also estimate and get a sense of what kind of work – including any thinking – that is involved…“
Akira Minagawa (AXIS, Oktober 2016)